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Tonberry HAPPY HAWLLOWEEN! (And Día de los muertos!) Tonberry

Sorry for the delay on this one, I was out of home for most of the day. To make up for it: 2 pages at the same time! And yes, the "main pic" on this page is an edit for that other pic I did time ago. Which is fair because that pic was meant to be part of this project ever since, but as you may notice... there have been some change of plans as time went on~

Now, a couple "warnings":

1- This "comic" (or sequence) is gonna be rather... dark, for lack of a better expression. As in, don't expect it to be a pretty or even pleasurable themed series of pics if you know what I mean. I on purpose made it so to stick with a theme of it being more a scary, grim Halloween horror story. Happy ending? who knows! But yeah, if you don't enjoy TF stories where the 'victim' is really unhappy and changing against its will, then I suggest you move along, sowwy ^^'

2- Why Yuna from FFX? Honestly, no real reason, I don't "hate" the character or anything, quite the contrary, but since I had already drawn a pic of her TFing before and it fit the theme of this series I decided to go along with it, plus there is a certain element from her game that made me come up with the story for this... DOINK.

3- I wish I could upload it all at once but I will be uploading them one by one (with the exception of the first 2) every few hours or so, mainly because I am currently still finishing editing the last "pages". At most, I think I will be done with it by tomorrow.

Cheers! Tonberry LA 

Yuna / FFX are © to Square-Enix.
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November 1, 2015
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