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Whew! What crazy days!
Still alive folks! Sorry I have not been very active lately both on DA/FA, skype nor doing what people come here for the most: tf p0rNz! :p Mostly been on a sort of mini-vacations, either just enjoying the new WoW expansion (which btw is friggin' awesome! Good job Blizz!), playing Dark Souls 3 (awesome game but I still prefer Bloodborne :B ), recovering from a minor flu or taking care of RL personal stuff.

Anyway, let's get into the p0rnz news. Currently I am still not going to open commissions for a while because: 
A) I am working a lil' series of com pics for my bro :iconhexen109:, similar to the Quistis pic I last posted here, of characters from the FF games, one of which I hope to have done by this or next weekend.
B) I am gonna TRY (so no guarantees) do one or two things for this coming Halloween, not as big project as the Yuna donk thing from last year but eh, better than nothing I guess? besides it's been a while since I last did any personal non-commission pics!

Still, if I can get things done fast enough I may open one or two commission slots sometime around the first week or two of October, we will see.

Also, on a somewhat unrelated topic, you may have noticed from my previous commission list or by watching me stream working on it, that I never posted one of the pics there, the Shion donkey tf. This is because I am simply waiting for the commissioner to complete a story that will accompany the pic so no worries, it's not a "it was deleted" or such kind of matter :)

And, well, that's basically it! Mostly posting this to show I am not dead :P


Remember you can also commission these awesome people, because they are awesome at being awesome in doing awesome stuffs of awesomeness :D
:iconblondeuchiha: :iconhexen109: :iconrozenpuppetmaster: 
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Violet Rosefall
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Haw there!
Just your everyday TF p0rnZ hobby drawer and donkey specialist :)

Contact info:

Skype: Violet Rosefall (I don't really RP, so please stop asking)
BattleNet: Ask ^^


That feeling when something you used to love slowly deteriorates into something you are even starting to hate. I don't do RPing, at least not anymore save with a few select people I know and nothing real serious (for teh lulz at most) so please save me the uncomfortable moment of "breaking your feels" in chat when I turn down your request or when I simply stop bothering to reply your messages.

Yes, the "heehaws" can be fun, but when you start getting RP request almost everyday from various people even that starts to get sour.
Anyone here play FF14 (actively) and has a male character by chance? Got a code for a costume thing (butler suit) which I am never going to use cuz I play females only lol 

It expires on December 1st so lemme know before that.
Don't let your fears overwhelm you people, learn to appreciate yourself for who you are and who you want to be and no matter what, always be true to yourself over anyone else. Others can help you, but in the end you and only you can solve whatever problem life puts before you.

Smile, and walk proud, you can do it.
Watched Suicide Squad today. If you are expecting to see the next "Titanic" or "Lord of the Rings" in terms of "holy shit this movie touched my soul and it must win all the Oscar awards!", then yeah the movie is as bad as the all so-called movie critics said. Otherwise, FOR ME, it was an amazing movie and I actually enjoyed it a lot. It has flaws, yeah, and it is not the best thing I have ever seen. But I still really liked it, almost as much as any of the Avengers/superhero movies. GG DC, you did it good for once Thumbs Up 

"BUT BvS! AND JUSTICE LEAGUE! AND AND....!" blah blah blah. I would even dare say It does well as a stand-alone film even if they do mention stuff from BvS for a couple scenes. For once just forget about the whole "PHASE 1 MUST TAKE EVERY DETAIL INTO CONSIDERATION SUPER SERIOUS TO MAKE OUT THE WHOLE STORY!" bullshit and go have a good time watching a movie.

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